About Me

Hi, this is Sridhara.B.C, I Graduated in B.E (Computer Science) from Bangalore University in 2001. I am a software developer and basically design and develop web and desktop application using Microsoft Technologies and also Open Source Technologies.

I started my career as a Visual Basic 6.0 and asp developer, developing desktop and web applications. Later on upgraded my skills in .NET platform and involved in development of various enterpise applications across multiple domains like Healthcare, Banking and Media. Apart from microsoft technologies I have great interest and practical knowledge developing applications using open source technologies especially php and mysql.

As you can see this site is developed using php and mysql.I have worked in different companies like ninestars, infinite computers soln., wipro technologies and currently work as a Technical Analyst for one the top bank's in the world. I have constantly kept myself busy with side projects which serves as means for continued education, challenge, fun and $.

About My Blog

The basic idea behind this blog was to share my ideas through a series of articles and resources related to various microsoft technologies, Open Source tools, demo applications and sample code.